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Things I Like and Love List [TILLL]


Wanting to work in tech is like wanting to live in Texas. It's a big place. So I'm getting a little bit closer to my street address. Here's my TILLL:

1) Companies you admire.

List 5-10 of them and WHY you admire them. Be specific.

  1. Pinterest. Pinterest brought mood boards and image curation to the mainstream. I admire the scrappy early days of the company, the continuous release of features, and the way the product enables users to take personal projects into their own hands.
  2. AirBnB. In my experience, using AirBnB is an absolute pleasure. With the right timing and right execution, the company built a trustworthy brand that achieved what other companies have been trying to do for ten years.
  3. FitBit. Personally, I don't use FitBit--but damn, do I respect the company. Like AirBnB, FitBit is poised on the crest of a wave of wearables. FitBit harnesses people's desire to grow, improve, and measure their success.
  4. DropBox. Here's another player that come out on top in the midst of a market brawl. Dropbox succeeded based on execution and clever referral marketing. By adopting standard file practices, DropBox reduces friction.
  5. Twitter. I love the future-gazing vision behind Twitter. It's still manifesting itself. It's also a great example of a really good, easy to execute idea that took off.

2) Digital products you use a lot

  1. Facebook. I use Facebook to keep tabs on everyone I know, find out about people I don't know, and share articles. It's the standard, and the only place where I can find everyone at once. Mobile, laptop. 
  2. Instagram. I open Instagram every day, and take a couple of pictures a week. I use it to follow fashion designers, editors, and bloggers to get ideas for what to wear. Mobile.
  3. Mint. Mint gives me a complete view of my finances, and I check it every day. It allows me to keep track of small expenses and card charges that I might otherwise forget. Now, if only it could stop me from spending money... Mobile.
  4. Gmail. I rely on Gmail for a huge chunk of my daily communication. While I could use another provider, none have the power of Google's network effect. Mobile, laptop. 
  5. Netflix. I'm a bit of a TV junkie. I love cartoons, 90's sitcoms, and new shows. I use Netflix to stream them all to my TV at home. Mobile, smartTV.
  6. Trello. I use Trello every day for task management. I chose Trello more for what it doesn't let me do: fall down the rabbit hole of customization. Mobile, laptop.  

    3) Digital products you admire or like (whether or not you use them a lot) List 5-7 of them and what they do for you that you can't do without them. Note the name, the company that makes it and the platform(s) you use it on.

  1. Feedly. I just started using Feedly to read Angellist and Crunchbase. Like Trello, it helps me stay focused and on task by offering fewer distractions that other content curation apps. Mobile, laptop.
  2. ZocDoc. I go to the doctor more than most, but still that's only about once a month. The ZocDoc experience is great across the board--from booking to customer service. I love being able to book an appointment when I think of it, even if that's after hours or during a movie. Mobile.
  3. Twitter. I can't wait to love Twitter. When I first made my account, I followed my friends. Bored, I ditched the app. However, there's no doubt that Twitter is a powerful tool. I'm excited to use it to stay up to date on the industry and reach out to potential mentors. Mobile.
  4. Slack. Slack completely transformed the workflow at my last job, and allowed our remote team to successfully collaborate on a series of large projects. Since I was acting project manager, it made my life easier in a way that no other PM program did. Mobile, laptop. 
  5. IFTTT: I read about this, downloaded it, and forgot about it. "If This Then That" is a really cool app that allows you to "program" automated processes on your phone. For example, if I add an article to my bookmarks, then Twitter will automatically send off a corresponding Tweet. Mobile. 

4) Topics or ideas you're really interested in.

I get super excited about "power to the people" products that allow users to bypass the middleman. I love bringing order to chaos and making processes simpler.

  • Healthcare (personal health, quantified self,
  • IoT (quantified self, manufacturing & logistics)
  • Business Analytics
  • Politics and Campaigning
  • Innovations in Digital Entertainment
  • Targeted Marketing Tools
  • Government/Social/Environmental Innovation
  • Knowledge Management