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Bright & Easy UI Kit

Lucy Dotson

The Challenge

Create a style tile inspired by one of my (many shifting) personal aesthetics, then use it to build a UI kit. 

I wanted to use some of my own writing as the lorem ipsum. So I channeled a breezy European vacation, with lots of coffee, food and poems.


Font pairing is an art. I played around with several combinations, and decided on Ubuntu and Libre Baskerville. I thought the poems would look great in Libre and that the chunky sans-serif Ubuntu offered a nice contrast.


I selected an image that inspired me, and used it to build a color palette. The result was a triad palette of greens, yellows and pinks--bright, cheeky and verging on garish. 

I layered in some textures to temper the garishness:

UI Kit

Using the Thethr iOS UI kit as a resource, I developed a mini iOS UI kit. 


I learned a lot about how early decisions impact later ones; how the image I selected impacted the color palette, and how that in turn impacted the hover states of buttons, links, etc.